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Cant work out my connection speed!


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Hi there!

I'm new to the forums and i'm guessing as most n00bs to the site the first post is regarding speed problems etc.

Well i haven't so much got a problem i just want to make sure i'm getting all my connection speed will allow, i'm with sky broadband and have the 16MB max package, the speed test below is about the min DL speed i get and the max is about 10MB depending on time of day etc. (test carried out with UT off)

Its no where near the 16 i should be getting but thats obviously down to sky, the distance from exchange and quality of my line, i can live with avg. 8MB but what i don't understand is the way UT works out the speed, for example i takes me on avg. 15-20 mins to DL a 700mb file which i tink is about right for my connection speed but when i look at the download speed in UT if the torrent which i know will easily max out my connection i.e its from a seedbox with massive uplaod speeds it says approx. 850kB/s max (i never get above that) so my question is that right and how does that equate to avg. 8MB connection speed i have with my provider, also my rubbish upload speed is capped at 768kb/s so again on UT i would put my upload speed setting (not to max out my upload speed for browsing etc.) to ?? i will get max 90kB/s so is that right aswell if my provider speed is 768kb/s.

So i'm just getting comfused when its comes to kB/s or kb/s there seems to be so many different kilobytes or kilobites and same with MB

so if my torrent is downloading at 850kB/s and my internet DL connection speed is on avg. 8MB is that what i should be getting and can you explain the maths behind it please lol!

sorry if that was a bit long winded on trying to explain what i mean but i hope i got across what i want to know lol! also sorry for the first post being a speed/connection issue but i guess i'm not on my own in this regard lol!

My stats: (approx. the min i get as its done at busy time of day)


many thanks in advance and any pointers will be gratefully recieved and much appreciated!

Another quick question how come when UT is on but not downloading anything it effects the speed test i.e download speed so much, just tried it with UT running but nothing downloading and i got 3MB.??

cheers MT (one comfused geezer lol) DOH.....!!!

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I used the search and faq section but sorry i must be a bit slow coz i don't find any real explanation to exactly what i mean! I wanted someone to tell me if my speeds are correct,

sorry should of been more clear on the fact i had looked at previous threads and faq section!

If there isn't anything you can say to help then thanks for the links but i'll wait until someone feels they can explain it to me, sorry to have been a burden and please dont runaround on my behalf i wouldn't want to put you out!

Regards MT

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Like i said bytes/sec and bit/sec in my post how does that equate to my connection speed and is it correct?

I replied to your sig as i was being sarcastic coz i felt your answer wasn't very helpful and you hadn't roundaround lol! sorry my sense of humor was obviously lost on you!

like i said i'll wait for someone to explain it better, i quote: uTorrent displays in *byte/sec

That speed test shows in *bit/sec isn't realy that helpful!

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Sorry but if its that clear to get the answer i'm looking for could you do it for me PLEASE!

my internet connection is avg. 8mb/s = xxxkB/s (UT format)

I did explain in my original post that i find it confusing, sorry i cant work out how to convert my internet providers connection speed into what it is in UT.

I've looked at conversion tables but sorry i'm none the wiser! didn't think it would be such an isssue for someone on here to tell me if i'm getting all my connection speed or not, i gave all the relavant info. other than that i'll just have to assume i'm getting it all.

Regards MadTaffy

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0.65 Mb/s as reported by Speed Guide is 0.65 megabits/sec upload speed.

Multiply by 1000 (actually 1024) to convert to kilobits/sec -- so that's 650 kilobits/sec.

Divide by 8 to convert to KiloBYTES/second -- so that's 81.25 KiloBYTES/second.

However not every bit/BYTE can be used for transferring torrents even if only uTorrent is running. There's necessary communication overheads for both TCP/IP networking and the BitTorrent protocol...that increase with additional connections at once.

So you're more likely to get ~65 KiloBYTES/second max upload speed in uTorrent.

The closest match from the 2nd link in my speed guide to your upload speed would be 640 kilobit/sec upload settings...but if you don't mind a little lag you could try 700 kilobit/sec upload settings.

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many thanks that clears up allot, so it looks like i'm getting the correct amount which is good, i've updated to service pack 2 now on vista as sp1 the half-open tcp connection limit was a complete pain and i had to install a patch just so i could browse when UT was running and trust me i tried everything else first lol!

So thanks guys much appreciated and now i'm that little bit more wiser ;)

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