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Which piece belongs to which file?


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Hi there!

Is there a way to find out which piece belongs to which file?

Background: When I download torrents with multiple files, and one of those is nearing completion with only a few blocks left, I take a look at the pieces tab to see when the final piece (for that file) will be complete.

Now, is there any way to find out which of the pieces currently in download belongs to which file?

Hypothetically, I could get the amount of pieces for each file, and by summing them up, calculate which file a piece belongs to (e.g. 20pc/file, so pc #84 will be part of file 5). Neither feasible for larger torrents or changing piece counts, nor very comfortable :)

The .torrent itself doesn't reveal anything about the internal structure of the files, so I assume the "piece table" (e.g. pcs 1-10 -> file #1; pc 11-32 -> file 2 etc.) is tracker-side.

So, any chance of getting some insight there?

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