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Port forwarding, yes I used portforward.com


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Here is what I have going on.

ISP: Metrocast

My computer (XP) -> DGS-2208 switch -> WRT350N router -> HT502 phone adapter -> SB5101 modem -> the internet

There are also three other computers going that same route and a laptop bypassing the switch, then following the same route, but, AFAIK, mine is the only one with a static IP. There is an option in my router's interface to change the "Internet Connection Type" to static IP, but I'm guessing that's different than just changing your computer to a static one, right? Am I supposed to change both? I don't want to mess up the connections the other four computers have, though.

I've tried on many occasions to open a port, but was never successful. I always hear people saying on torrents, "Thanks, 1.5mb/s download speed!" I'm happy when I have 15kb/s...

I followed to guide exactly for my router, but, when I test to port, the result is always the same: not open.

I have uTorrent as an allow-all exception in my AVG firewall, but it still doesn't work, even if I disable the firewall altogether.

I have no idea what might be wrong.

Any help would be appreciated, and easy with the tech-speak, I don't have that much experience when it comes to networking.


Ps: What's wrong with this website? It's extremely hard to get anywhere without getting some kind of load error like 50x Internal Server Error, or a simple "page not found." I hope it works when I press submit! ...it didn't, good thing it saves posts if you just go back. I'll try again. Nope... "web page not available".... again..

EDIT: There we go! ....haha, couldn't do the edit either.

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You want your computer to have a static LAN ip address...the router's internet WAN ip address needs to be dynamic and assigned by your ISP.

Your modem, phone adapter, and router will probably ALL block incoming traffic unless port forwarded or have their firewall turned off. Look for all 3 devices and how to configure them at:


Or try to get manuals from the manufacturers...

A chain of blocking devices is VERY hard to get around. :(

Usually, the "solution" is to remove them...by at least putting the computer "closer" to the modem.

The website and forums have been intermittently down or having problems over the last day or 2.

For more general troubleshooting that might get your download and upload speeds up even if you are firewalled, try the 1st link in my signature, slow speed/interrupted internet part.

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Thank you for replying, I figured the phone adapter was blocking it, and, sure enough, it was. So I opened a port up in it using the router's IP, since the router comes first. It still didn't work, but I didn't do anything about the modem. Does it have an interface by typing in an IP on a browser like the router or phone adapter do? I guess I could look in the manual.

I tried connecting directly into the modem, but then my internet wouldn't even work. I tried many different combinations, in one, even, uTorrent was working (not with an open port, but downloading) But I couldn't get on the internet through a browser, it was the strangest thing.

I now have it back to what it originally was and will take a look at that guide.

EDIT: I got into my modems web interface, but there isn't anything I can change or anything about firewalls or ports.

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