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Anomaly every 60sec in both upload and download speed


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my problem is the following:

every 60 seconds, the upload and download speed decreases rapidly, then it slowly restores to the previous speed and falls again after 60 seconds... this can be seen in the speed graphic:


(grid is set to 1 minute)

in this picture, the anomaly is not THAT strong, as it would be with higher overall speed. if i have a normal download speed of lets say 1MB/s, the total average is only at about 700KB/s.

is that a bittorrent protocol behaviour, or is something wron with my system? i'd really like to get rid of this^^

here are som specs:

Router: FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7270 (firmware up to date)

WLAN card: D-Link AirPlus G DWL-G510 Wireless PCI Adapter(rev.C) (driver up to date)

OS: Windows Server 2008 Enterprise x64 SP2 with DNS, DHCP, ADDS (all original)

Processor: AMD Phenom II (4cores, x64, currently 3,42GHz)


the problem is not specific to a special torrent, and my torrent port is opened in my firewall and router, utorrent says "network OK".

thanx for reply


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From what I gather from the crappy picture (PNG works better - no ghost lines and clearer colors and smaller filesize), you have used the xx/10mbit upload settings in uTorrent's Speed Guide (CTRL+G). But your graph also shows you really only have about 1 megabit/sec upload speed.

The resulting "strain" uTorrent has trying to use your settings might explain your results, especially if you had 10+ torrents uploading at once. However there is possibly a bug as well...which in a more severe case would cause this:


You probably need to do 1st (esp. slow speed part) AND 2nd links in my signature.

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wooo you're right about the upload limit... i don't know what i was thinking when i chose this setting :-D

i changed the the settings to the recommendation for 1Mbit/s max upload now.

unfortunately, this changes nothing :( i still get these interruptions every 60 secs:


maybe this is really a bug... i also can't imagine, why any upload options would affect the download speed as well in this weird way.

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yep, i did this before creating the thread^^

i will have a laptop soon, when it arrives i probably will determine, weather my server is the badguy, or something else...

did someone test the current utorrent version on windows server 2008 enterprise x64?

edit: the curves in my problem and the bug you described remind me of something of the ip protocoll i learned in "theory of data encoding and transfer" aeons ago, but i cant remember that well o_O

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I don't know your settings, regardless of how "right" they are.

I don't know how well seeded the torrents you're on are...or how many active peers you're connecting to.

I don't even know what version and build number of uTorrent you're running. :(

I don't know about your ISP. (Wireless? fiber? something stranger still?! or its measured down/up speed maxes)

I DO know that combinations I've tested in the past cause "disasters" exactly like your graph shows.

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1. all settings are default fromt the installation exept the recommended settings of your 2nd link (set to the line with 1mbit/s upload) and the force outgoing encryption setting (but allow unencrypted, the problem is still present if i change the encryption settings)

2. the torrents i have in the list are all at about 100/500 seeds/peers, active peers are 20 to 80 (max 200)

3. its version is 1.8.3 build 15772

4. the isp is 1&1 germany 16mbit/s adsl flat via cable (16 mbit/s dl 1mbit/s ul)

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Even my speed guide settings may be too aggressive (in total number of connections) for wireless. :(

Your problem may be similar to this:


(Cause still unknown! If we could figure it out, maybe uTorrent Devs could fix it!)

If you could watch uTorrent while this is happening, maybe you could spot if the drops in speed actually are caused by peer/seed disconnections (these would show up in uTorrent's Logger tab)...or uTorrent bugs with uTP connections...or uTorrent bugs with Teredo/IPv6 connections...or due to upload slots per torrent falling to 0 or 1.

Turn on Debug column in the torrents window at top...if the last number of the 3 numbers ever falls to 1, you're probably experiencing this bug:


(Debug's first number is number of half open connections being used at that moment for that torrent, the 2nd number is extra allowed upload slots beyond normal max for that torrent, the 3rd is total allowed upload slots allowed for that torrent...which can be LESS than the upload slot max you have set!)

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