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BitTorrent: What Does Disk Overloaded Mean?


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I'm using Bit Torrent, and occasionally notice "Disk Overloaded" at the bottom of the screen.

When I see this, the download speed grinds to a halt (I have Verizon FIOS). I have to shut down BT, relaunch it, and resume the download for things to get up to speed again. However, the Disk Overloaded warning usually appears again.

What can I do to prevent this, or minimize this? Thank you.


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Slow hardware :<

Drive type? Old computer? Download speed? Etc.

Prevention/minimization can be in the form of either limiting your speeds, or figuring out what's bottle necking. Also the speed graph can be changed to show some stats about the read/write from cache and drives.

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Hmmm.... my computer is an HP Pavilion d4790y with a dual core processor, 4 GB of RAM, a 300 GB hard drive, Windows 7 RC, two 500 GB external hard drives, and the hard drive was recently formatted and Windows 7 RC was installed clean.

And I'm on Verizon FIOS.

So my guess is I need to figure out what is causing the bottlenecking. As soon as I figure out how to change the graph, perhaps that will help determine the cause.

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I always save everything to the internal, and use the externals for backup and long-term storage. It's rare for me to download anything directly to the USB drives.

The download/upload speeds vary from moment-to-moment. The speeds are rarely stable. When one particular download reached my FIOS limit of 1.2 mb/sec, I got the Disk Overload 100% warning, and the speeds went kaput.

If I were to give you a download/upload speed, it would probably not be representative of anything, due to the constant fluctuation in speed.

How do you tweak the cache? I'm fairly computer-literate, so I'm not afraid to dig in and try it, if it might stabilize the download rate.

Thanks again.

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