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Torrents only start 5-10 minutes afte they are added


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Hi everyone! I'm having a strange bug in all trackers, I add the torrents to utorrent fine (no errors anywhere) but the trackers only list me as a leecher (and the torrents only start) after a few minutes (5-10).

When I stop all other torrents (for example now i had 150) and start the new one, it starts right away with no problems!

- Utorrent 1.8.3

- I'm connectable!

- No errors, in logger, tracker status or anywhere.

- Problem appears in all trackers.

- There's are seeders and leechers.

Why isn't utorrent starting the torrent right away? Why does it start them normally when I stop all the other torrents?

Thanks for reading.

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I have a similar problem. My torrents only download 2 at a time. It used to download all of them at once but just recently it started doing this. Any new torrents I add to the queue do not search for peers, unless I Pause or Remove one of the 2 torrents that are downloading, and then it finds peers. I can then go back and Resume the one I paused to get more than 2 at a time that way, but sometimes this doesn't even work so I have to let one torrent finish before I can start another one. I have tried many different combinations of Max Number of Connected Peers per torrent, Max Connections, UL/DL limits, etc. but usually I leave it on Download: 0 Upload: 15.

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