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No torrents.. but I'm still downloading


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Hi all

I formatted my computer a few weeks ago, and downloaded version of utorrent. As soon as I ran it the first time i noticed that the download speed shot up to about 1MB/s. I didn't have this problem previously, and at the time I figured that this was just a bug in the display.

As per normal, I left my utorrent running 24/7, even if I wasn't downloading anything...

At the end of the month my ISP told me that I'd used about 600GB of data that month - a stark contrast to the 100GB I normally use. So it seems that utorrent was downloading *something*, even if I didn't have any torrents running.

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the most current version just now, and exactly the same thing happens. Is this a known bug at all?

I'm running XP sp3 btw.

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