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Skiping directories


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Hi! I have a question. I want to create torrent file from directory, but I want to skip some directories in it. In the field "Skip File" I can skip one directory, can I skip several directories or it's impossible?

PS. Sorry for my English :)

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Read uT help file (F1). And use wildcards:

In several places in µTorrent, wildcards can be used in place of normal characters in order to specify a pattern of characters that µTorrent should use to match whatever it needs. The following may be used in those situations:

* (asterisk) to match any text of any length

? (question mark) to match any single character

| (vertical pipe) is an "or" conditional

Example: *File?A*|File?B* matches any file that contains File?A anywhere in the filename (where ? is any single character, such as a space or an underscore), or any file that begins with File?B in its filename (again, where ? is any single character).

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