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Problem in uTorrent with same settings in all user account


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My settings in utorrent that has connection my problem are:

utorrent will open when windows start, applied in all user accounts in the pc

utorrent's settings and downloads is shared among 3 user accounts in the pc.

My Problem: (please help me solve this one)

I decided to make utorrent available to download same files in 3 different user accounts and then apply the option start utorrent when windows start. The problem is when I mistakenly open two account and didn't log off in any one of the two when my brother will use his account for a while, utorrent in his account will recheck the downloading files. To solve that problem, i switch in my account and turn off my utorrent and logged the account off. Then I went back to my brother's account which is logged in and utorrent is still checking. After checking, i let it downloading. When I open again my account, instead it continue the files i am downloading, It recheck again the downloads. Is there a setting i must apply to prevent running utorrent with same setting and same downloads in different user accounts simultaneously when switching to other account without downloading even if i enable utorrent runs when window start in all user account. (Sorry bout my english)

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