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Download might fail to resume after network disconnection


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Hello guys,

After an ISP network disconnect (and obviously reconnect) uT client stopped downloading all jobs. Status of all downloads was "downloading" (no errors reported), but with zero speed and no actual progress. Upload speed shown in the status bar was about reasonable (though slightly below normal, but it happens). But down speed (also shown in status bar) went to like ~1.5 kB/s (which I normally seen before when I just launch uT) and it is (just guessing here) listing seeds/peers. This makes me think it identified that the connection to tracker was actually alive. The problem did last for quite a while, say several hours.

When I restarted uT client (nothing was reconnected, no configuration changes, absolutely same ISP), download almost immediately got to full normal speed.

I guess there might be an issue with peer/seed detection after a disconnect at an "unexpected moment", but it's just a guess of course.

I did not try to replicate the problem (and not sure I can).

Connection to ISP is via simple router, OS: XP SP3, uT version: 1.8.3 build 15772.

PS. I'm posting here for the first time so please be gentle if something is wrong.

Thank you for all your hard work creating a cool torrent client. Hope this helps make it better.


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If seed/peer connections are lost, does uTorrent get the green light again when the connection comes back on?

A tracker connection is brief and only done about once every 30 minutes or hour.

Peer and seed connections (if they know your ip+port and you're not firewalled) can reconnect TO you after a disconnect.

OR...you can connect to them if you know their ip+port and they're not firewalled.

PEERS tab/window can show what's connected. I typically have Resolve IPs turned off (right-click in window for menu) because bare ips sort better. :P

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Yes, if seed/peer connections are lost, uTorrent gets the green light again when the connection comes back on.

However for some reason after a reconnect it failed to resume downloading jobs. "Force start" command did not help as well. When I simply restarted uT client, it started downloading all jobs at full speed in a few seconds. I assume in my case it did not handle disconnect/connect events properly for some reason (though normally it would do so).

I'm not sure whether this is important, but yes, I'm firewalled with built-in Windows firewall and behind NAT. To allow inbound connections I allowed both TCP and UDP connections in firewall settings on the port set in uT for incoming connection and set up TCP and UDP traffic redirection on router as well, so I believe I'm open for incoming connections on this port (incoming connection WEB test also reports accessibility).

Is there any other kind of information I can provide to help you analyze the issue?

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If uTorrent is reconnecting to peers and seeds after a network disconnect...but fails to resume downloading torrents, something is likely SERIOUSLY wrong with your network and/or windows. :(

Next time it happens, try resetting just your router. If that helps, your router sucks. :P

Or try resetting your modem...then resetting router+modem.

That may narrow down where the problem is happening to your computer.

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Thank you for a reply and your kind words.

There is definitely something wrong with my ISP, that's absolute truth, since it's as far from ideal as I'm far away from Mars, or even further.

However next time it happens I don't think I will be resetting the router (not using modem), but instead I'll most likely restart uT since it helped last time. If it doesn't help I'll cry you a river. :) I promise.

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