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what do i do if my ISP use a proxy server & block torrent download?


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recently i switched to a new ISP & my utorrent doesnt working. The ISP use a http proxy & i configure my utorrent 1.8.3 with proxy settings. It worked well when the ISP was in the testing period & suddenly 3 day ago, the utorrent start malfunctioning (i heard that the ISP restrictd torrent download with that proxy server from then).

Now when i run my utorrent, it seems all is ok at first look; the leeching torrents appear as 'downloading' & the seedings are as 'seeding', even number of connections are shown is seed & peer list in bracket, i.e. 0(10), 0(12), 0(105) etc. But the problem is the active connections for all torrent is 0(zero) & DHT: 0 nodes(login) & i have no download speed (just 0KBps).

Now it seems my isp really blocked the torrent download.

Under this circumstance, do i have any other way to download torrent file? If someone gives me solution, i would be grateful.


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thanx for ur reply.

I installed a VPN - hamachi but it doesnt work with p2p soft. It seems it works with http proxy or sm other services.

I searched for external proxy in the net & they say that it tunnels data over a server proxy. But i dont get any suitable soft for that & i really dont know much about external proxy.

Do you help me a bit more?

Again, thanx for ur help.

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