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This is half-way retarded!


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Well. According to my ISP (qwest), it is now illegal for me to have any torrent client installed on my PC due to their enforcers finding out that I have downloaded a torrent...

I had to remove the program and now I cant even download LINUX distros by torrent anymore.

Apparently if im caught 1 more time by these "enforcers", they will make sure I never have internet again.

Is this really legal wtf they're doing? Where the hell is the privacy? I cant even go on websites anymore without thinking those bastards keep watching me. Years ago anybody could download anything without any problem, and now you can't download anything anymore without it all being "copyrighted material"

First time, I was told to delete the file I downloaded.

Second time, I was told to remove the software from my computer.

Third time, Internet shut off for good from every company and Charges from the Police.

Does anybody else find this retarded?

I can deal with not downloading anything illegal anymore. But when they say I can't download legal material by torrents, that's just messed up.

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Thats exactly the part that I dont understand...

From reading here, I found that PG2 doesnt help. I downloaded things when using it and didnt get caught but the one time I didnt, i get caught... I dont get any of this shit...

Our government is nothing but greedy.

Seriously. I download games because I dont wanna waste money buying them if im not going to like them. Some games dont even have demos. I dont even download any music at all. If i want to do that ill just go to skreemr.com lol. But the SAD thing is... The last time they told me that I can still watch and listen to copyrighted material... So anything streaming. That also raises an eyebrow lol.

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Research other ISPs in the area...since it sounds like you're needing to switch anyway.

Peer Guardian's blocklists can be converted to uTorrent's ipfilter.dat list...making Peer Guardian effectively useless if you're only using it in conjunction with uTorrent.

Yet why do you mention the "one time" caught if you're supposedly already on strike 2 or 3?

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First time I got caught downloading a watermarked version of Mall Cop for my girlfriends parents.

Second time was when I downloaded Dreamfall.

The downloads in between those I have used PG2. Which doesnt make any sense. Because as soon as I dont use it and download something, the next day my net gets shut off.

I live in North America by the way and I wish I can sue these retards for invasion of privacy but according to my research. The Internet Privacy Act is fake.

Im currently downloading uTorrent AGAIN. And this time im downloading a linux distro which is completely free and NOT in NO WAY downloading of copyrighted material. Gonna use PG2 now lol.

If they find out and complain about this, I swear im taking it to court. I wont be given a damn $100,000 fine just for downloading linux.

These people in my state suck so bad that if I literally get caught my third time, I will NEVER get internet EVER again. And they will take legal action.

But I have questions. All the times I was caught downloading torrents, it was at The Pirate Bay... I also heard that this website is being watched by these companies. If so, then that right there is the main reason why I keep getting screwed.

Any suggestions on what I can do? Its going to suck not being able to download anything. Even if I download 1 song its shut off. Not like I download that crap though lol.

Also, do you think this is only tracked by torrents? I didnt use PG2 when I downloaded a PSP game from pspdownloadswitch and they didnt find out.

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Peer Guardian doesn't protect you AT ALL from ip harvesters that connect to the tracker to gather peer/seed lists. Nor does uTorrent's built-in ipfilter.dat!

Only if the ip harvesters bother to test their gathered ip lists does Peer Guardian or ipfilter.dat offer any benefit. BUT not all ip harvesters test ips:


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