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Download problems after refomating XP


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I've been using utorrent for almost a year now without much issues.

D/L speeds are good even with old torrents.

My issues surfaced after reformating my OS.

I backuped my uTorrent folder before i reformatted.

After which i copied this folder over the new one after i reinstalled u-torrent

i also changed the DL path to another new HD which i just bought.

When i lauched utorrent i was unable to resume any of my DLs and uploads no matter what i tried. Even new torrents seemed slow and sluggish.

So i did a fresh install only retaining my old settings but not resuming any of my old torrents

I was able to get speeds up to 400kb on the direct office file.

Tried some new torrent releases and notice that the available bar was red even though there were lots of seeders.

Left it over night and not a single byte was DL. I also noticed the the seeders showed something like 0(140).

Does this mean that im not able to connect to any trackers at all? My ports are opend and there's the green tick showing.

Can anyone help??

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