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Port is open then apparently shuts off, speed decreases :(


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Hi all,

So this is how it goes - and yes I went through the wrt54g router thing and looked around with a similar problem but didn't find anything : my router configuration worked perfect until recently (!). or then is it utorrent or an interfering program (unlikely, I aint got much running) system icon is green and says incoming connections work ok. I test the open port, it works, big green logo. But after a few minutes, I see dl speed decreasing drastically (like 400 or 60), system icon still green but when I test on the site I get a red light saying something wrong with forwarding but everything is perfect as usual, I havent changed any cnfig or isp or whatever since i moved (mid july).

So first of all there's something wrong with the system verdict vs the net verdict of my portforwarding, and there's something wrong because I dl fast then something interferes and the port isnt apparently open anymore, even though he still is in theory.

So, well, please, that's annoying as hell. 60kb dl is ok but I know I got more in there waiting.

Thanks a lot for your time.

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Try the 1st link in my signature, slow speed/interrupted internet part and get back with us with the results...

Have you updated your router's firmware to something reliable? Its default firmware is horrible for connectivity:


Are you using BOTH manual port forwarding AND UPnP/NAT-PMP?

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