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Problems with port forwarding


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Hi, I've been using uTorrent for about a year, and just recently it stopped working.

I had torrents with many seeders, but I could not connect to any. The little connection notificator at the bottom of uTorrent was red. I tried everything I found online, but nothing was working.

To attempt to fix it, I got into my router and added a protocol for uTorrent and for the port I use (45682).

It fixed the connection notificator, and gave me a green arrow, but still no downloads. I attempt to forward a port, and it says it is blocked...

I need help, I cannot find anything else about my situation online.



I am running Windows XP Home with BitDefender Gamer Anti-virus.

I have never had any problems with uTorrent, and I think it could possibly be due to using LimeWire. Not a virus, but ever since I got LimeWire (which I have since removed) uTorrent has been acting up.

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