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Seems like my Download Speed is CAPPED


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here is my problem : Unfortunately I was forced to switch ISP's from WIde Open West to the notorious Comcast.

The advertised speeds for Wide Open West were 6MBPS/1MBPS and the ones I currently have from comcast are 12MBPS/3MBPS. Doubling the speeds of what I used to have....

However, that seems to be false with uTorrent.

Here are my speed test results that I consistently get. 529529409.png

According to that Upload Speed I have configured my uTorrent settings;

3 mbit/sec ║ 300│ 9║ 100│ 330║ 13│ 9║

I left the net.max_halfopen at default value of 8, however changing it to 50 does not make any difference.

All of other Advanced options are set to default.

According to my Glasnot tests, my ISP is not throttling my traffic.

I have Linksys WRT54GL router with the port 42111 correctly forwarded and uTorrent is showing the green icon notifying me that my network runs the way it is supposed to.

NOW, here is the problem. With my previous ISP, I was getting capped on my download speed at around 950kb/s. That was the max download speed. With comcast, my torrents NEVER reach higher speeds than 400kb/s.

No matter how much I change around my upload speed, they will not go over 400.

I used to use TCP Optimizer, but read that it does not do anything running on Windows 7.

I have also disabled AUTO-TUNING TCP/IP.

If there is anymore info you gues need me to provide, I'll be happy to, as long as we get this problem fixed!.

Thank you very much


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If you were getting 950 KiloBYTES/second download on your Wide Open West were 6MBPS/1MBPS line, then it was running faster than rated.

ComCast's SpeedBoost results in raised speed test results higher than actual sustainable speeds.

Your SUSTAINABLE upload speed is probably only 1-2 megabit/second. Try settings for that instead...and verify that max upload speed is reached and sustained.

I have ComCast 6 megabit/sec down, 1 megabit/sec up...and get ~750 KiloBYTES/sec down on fast torrents and 120 KiloBYTES/sec up on almost any torrents that has fast peers.

Does this same low download problem occur with the test torrents (mentioned in 1st link of my signature)?

The Linksys WRT54GL router almost requires a 3rd party firmware replacement to work correctly. Otherwise, its ability to sustain even your internet speeds is potentially compromised when it has many connections at once:


(ALL the Linksys WRT54G-series do badly in those tests!)

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thank you for your feedback.

I totally forgot that comcast has the stupid speedboost feature. With that said, I changed my uTorrent settings accordingly.

Also I tried one of the test torrents from your sig. initially the speed climbs up to around 1MB/s, which is the speedboost i assume, then after about 10 seconds, comes down to very steady 750kb/s.

That is still NOWHERE NEAR the advertised 12mbps that I am paying for...

Next thing is, the Upload does not go over ~50kb/s with the setting capped at 140kb/s....

I also forgot to mention that I have the DD-WRT v24-sp1 firmware.

Is there any specific settings in the 3rd party firmware I should know about ?

Thank you

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Set and Set,

The consistent 750kb/s remains.

I tried running two of the test torrents at once, the speed just simply splits.

What amazes me is that the upload is SO MINIMAL, I'm talking around ~10kb/s with the cap set at 140 kb/s...

Could that be the reason ?

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