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Need your help guys


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So utorrent isn't downloading anything, the connection icon is yellow and the port forwarding test failed. This occurs even after I followed all of the site's guides to the letter and solved the port forwarding issues (using a Rotal RTA 1025w modem-router).

My upload speed is 0.52 Mbps as scored on the speed test link you guys provided. (DL score is 5.34)

I'm using the following utorrent settings:

upload speed capped at 40

100 global max connections

40 connected peers per torrent

4 upload slots

enabled DHT, local peer discovery, peer exchange, protocol encryption, and incoming legacy connections

my max_halfopen is at 8

Using a fresh install of XP Pro SP3 on a Lenovo 3000 n100 (thats 512 MB RAM, intel core 2 t5500 @1.66Ghz, 70 gig hard drive and a Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC internal modem), my DSL internet connection is provided by NetVision (Israeli ISP - not throttlingto the best of my knowledge).

Ive excluded utorrent from both the windows firewall and NOD32 v3.

I don't know what else I can do.

Help me out here, guys.

- Dan

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NOD32 v3 may still be interfering...or you may have another software firewall interfering as well. :(

Try uninstalling NOD32 v3 and retesting uTorrent.

If you only have 1 port forwarded on your router to uTorrent's incoming listening port, it's reasonably safe if windows is fully updated. Or try with windows firewall enabled, with uTorrent allowed of course.

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