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Speed Troubles


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I am getting the red circled exclamation point. Even when I disable McAfee Security Center 2008 Firewall and the Windows XP Firewall I still get either the red or yellow exclamation point. This never happened until I upgraded to new version 1.8.3. I have read the instructions and forwarded my port via portforward.com for McAfee and I have turned off the Windows Firewall. My download speeds according to dslreports should be around 600kb/s and I am averaging about 70kb/s. My upload speed also never seems to get over 1-5kb/s.

I did forward my port correctly via portforward for McAfee Security Center correctly, the same way I did it when I originally installed uTorrent. I have now updated uTorrent to 1.8.3 and when I now test the port forwarding it says that an error has occurred, which never happened on the old versions. I have updated the program permissions in McAfee and designated the port specified in uTorrent for connectivity but am not getting any results. I have exhausted my self working on this for a couple of hours tonight, any ideas?? I really have loved uTorrent in the past and would like to keep using it, but I need this fixed. My other torrent client is working fine but for some reason this one is giving me a hard time.

I also checked to see if my ISP was throttling my coneections and it said that there were no signs of interference so again, I am at a loss.

Let me know.


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McAfee Security Center 2008, it's probably blocking uTorrent somehow.

Test uTorrent with McAfee Security Center 2008 completely UNINSTALLED.

(Enable Windows XP Firewall in the meantime...and make sure your router is only forwarding a minimal amount of ports to your computer, basically the 1 needed by uTorrent to work well.)

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