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Can the red light icon ever be wrong?


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Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to help

When I use the port checker it says that my port is not open, so i went to portforward.com, followed all the instructions to the letter and tested my port using their port tester, but it says that the port cant be accessed. However, I then downloaded another port checker from download.com and it is telling me that the port I'm using is actually open. I've also tweaked all my settings as best as i can using the conservative settings quide in the forum.

I'm not overly techy but I cant see what else I could have done wrong. My downloads are working but I'm not getting great speeds and I've still got the red light. Im using a Huawei HG520b wireless router with up to 8mb connection speed, but id say I'm only really getting about 4mb on average. I've set my upload limit to 1mb and changed all the other settings accordingly. I've only got one firewall and it is completely turned off.

So I was wondering if there's anything else that's commonly known to keep the light red on or if there's just nothing else I can do?

Any help would be great thanks

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