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would like advice on additional tweeking


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I've read many many posts on the board and followed along where I could--made some adjustments and overall am able to d/l and seed---but, wondering if I am getting the best possible--either from utorrent or my isp. I see people on here talking about getting 100+kB/s and that's amazing...I've topped out around 150kB/s only a few times in the last few months and it didn't last. most times I'm d/ling around 20-35kB/s, sometimes even less. uploads move way fast--not knocking seeding, I would just like to know if there is something I can to to improve my d/l speeds at all or if they are normal for a cable isp. thanks

oh...and one other question...I found the answer once before but forget---why if there are many seeds to something in the swarm am I only connecting to a few.. i.e. 2(496)seeds.

not sure what all info you need from me so I'll just include the kitchen sink here LOL

settings from utorrent bandwidth tab:

global upload 92

global download 0

global max conns 600

max conns per torrent 100

upload slots per torrent 6

<checked> additional upload slots if speed <90

results of speed test:


stats from utorrent...

total uploaded: 665GB

total downloaded: 546GB

total ratio: 1.216

total running time: 3678:56:31

number of torrents added: 640

program launched: 33 times

last launched: 7/9/2009 11:53:36PM

# incoming conns since start: 80494

# outgoing conns since start: 205980

# handshake: 597440

#connections: 30

# half open: 8 (0 connecting)

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GTHK...I have read that post, that's where I got the starting specs for setting up utorrent--I tweaked it a bit off those numbers based on another thread I read too. I've read about the youtube stuff...so no, I won't be messing around there--and to be honest, the speed isn't horrible as is--it's just frustrating to see d/l's creeping along at 10kB/s while uploads are sailing away at 70+kB/s...I just wish it was a little bit more even--maybe this is just normal?

like right now for example...my d/l is at 10.8kB/s while ups are at 69.4kB/s...is it normal to have such a wide difference in the speeds from d/l to u/l? and do those speeds themselves sound right for cable isp? (because I see so many other people write about faster, way faster speeds)

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