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very low speed


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i have a problem with my utorrent download speed.

i have a router named: Level One 3406TX, and my connection speed is 100Mbit.

When i open utorrent i have a- V which says that my network is fine.

but my problem is that it download my file at 20-30 mb/s.

i used a toturial from the site http://portforward.com/, and even downloaded thier pfportchecker which says that my UDP port (20920) is open, but still my download speed is very low.

I am downloading the most seed and peers files in torrent file, so my problem is probably in my router port or something.

I hope you can find me solution.


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thanks GTHK.

i used the toturial which you worte up, but still when i open the Speed Guide and enter to portchecker in utorrent web it says that my port isn't open( but the portchecker app of http://portforward.com/ says that my port is open).

can you help me?

and i have another question, does the port need to be UDP & TCP or only UDP ( cause i just have UDP port opened).

and last: i put my upload speed on 35 mb/s. is that how it should be? this is the results of the"Speed Test"- http://i.dslr.net/imc/0/0/7/9/75805248.png

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