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Some help for a new member please


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I have recently downloaded a torrent application due to the recommendation based on the "amazing download speeds" people were getting.

My ISP is AOL (and not on any of the "bad lists") and the suggested d'load speed is 370kb/s. Ok, so this is not ground breaking but BitTorrent is downloading at 10-15kb/s!!!! :o Also I am only uploading at 45kb/s when predicted figures were over 100 higher than this.

I have heard (correctly or incorrectly) that to take advantage of these preferential speeds your ul:dl must be over a certain amount. I have numerous (300+) files I am willing to share with others, downloaded through other P2P applications without problem, and at a decent download rate. How can I share these with others so as my UL quota can be met sooner. Maybe it's just me, but if this is my only problem (I have read through the sticky's (my set up seems fine) and done a search for what I'm looking for without success so sorry for any questions previously answered) does everybody have to download torrents at abysmally slow rates and share these one at a time in order to get to the speeds claimed?

I know these are proper nooby questions but I'd just like to know if I can do anything to improve the situation. Whilst I am happy with my knowledge on computers, I am no programmer etc etc, so would feel uncomfortable entering the registry and the like. I would ask that all/any replies (which I am most grateful for) please be understandable.

Thanks in advance.


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thanks for that, so would there be any figures that would let me know for sure?

I vaguely remember reading that the upload limit is capped or the total bandwith would be capped as a whole? would they cap the DL limit only? pretty unfair IMO.

If this is the case, what are the choices, if any? Can this be swerved?

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