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Trackers report offline (timed out)


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I realize that this has been posted before, but I just recently started having this problem.

It started this week and I have been using uTorrent for quite awhile now and never had this problem before.

I am using the latest version and my network report shows that my port is accepting connections just fine and I am downloading/uploading without any major issues.

However, now every single Tracker reports: offline (timed out)

Do I need to change the setting I have read about dealing with half-connections?

I am using Windows XP Sp3.

As far as I know, I have no major issues with my ISP blocking or changing my torrents as they were working fine a few days ago and right now it is only my Tracker Updates that are messing up. I read that in another forum, so perhaps that is my issue, Tracker Updates.

It there a fix or a workaround that I should use, or should I just ignore the Red Arrows and the Timed Out and continue to use it so long as my transfers seem to be working...

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and I again apoligize if this has already been answered elsewhere.

Wanted to add this information:

While I cannot get any connections from the various Trackers, I do get connections from two of the first three;

DHT and Peer Exchange

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Sorry Switeck, we posted at the same time. I saw your links there just after I posted. I haven't tried them yet. I am running the Evaluation Copy, Build 7100 of Windows 7. Since i've had this OS on my computer I have been running utorrent without trouble. Firewall and port forward no problem at all. Just seemd weird that without me touching any preferences it stops. I have tried both Private and Open trackers with the same result. Just looking at the udp:// they come up with "invalid URL". I will read through your links now.

Many thanks

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