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Slow dl speeds, isp-EPB, tried utorrent 1.6-1.9, port-forwarding..etc.


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I've used to download around 180-200 then one day around 30kb at most. Been about a month ago. On that same pc at least twice the speeds jumped back to normal 180~ for just a short time, few minutes. Got a good deal on a couple of pc's, was curious and installed utorrent on the first one, without any tweaks or me doing anything at all to this pc other than installing utorrent i got normal speeds again 180~. Was happy, it had been awhile so caught up on some downloading, speed stayed high for well over 24 hours until i disconnected it and hooked the other up in it's place. I installed utorrent and sadly another 30~ range on downloads. Spent roughly 24 hours trying everything to tweak it, got tired before finally ready for bed i rehooked the previous pc. Now it was down to 30~dl's. Even though i had tweaked alot of things, including changing settings on the router I DID reset the router back to default settings, both with the factory reset tab and by holding reset button while main EPB modem power was disconnected. So not sure how anything could have possibly have affected the" 180~dl " pc.

I can download through Internet Explorer, Firefox,,etc,, at around 180~ still but somehow only 30~ on torrents. Speed tests for me usually show 1.5~ roughly for download and around 100~ for upload.

Does every isp that throttles do so during certain hours because other than 3 times now over a month at least it has stayed around 30~.

ok, i'll try to list everything i've tried-

--port forwarding, with and without a static ip (BTW router is a linksys WRT54G Firmware Version: v3.01.3, Sep. 22, 2004 ) tried the TCP and UDP settings, have it on UDP now (for all the good it does) because portforward.com (w/e the site is, I used it yeah, lol, after like the 5th time just to make sure i didn't miss anything, same results as before , static ip on/off dhcp on/off , even through my wireless belkin adapter, using it's wireless utility, using windows wireless utility), k, using UDP because the portchecker doesn't detect it open using TCP no matter what I've tried, unless I've missed something there.

and in short i've tried versions 1.6, 1.8.3 and 1.9 utorrent prog's,,, each time after uninstalling one i do a registery scrub/clean before installing another version.

tried nearly every tweak guide i've seen for utorrent, changing everything back to default before trying another, tried other torrent programs, frostwire and vuze, all the same,,,, need to get ready to leave soon so gotta wrap this up, if anyone has any ideas please let me know and if anyone needs any info i'll gladly provide more.

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i'm facing the same problem... usually u torrent downloads within 140-200kbps.

but since few days it's not going beyond 40.. general downloads ie in internet explorer or firefox,they r downloading with 200kbps. speed results r also normal....

m confused... need help...

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