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Lan port and speed problem

The Neo

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Firstly, hy everyone! I'm new in this forum, and this is my first post.

So, i got yesterday a new internet. It's broadband 2-in-1 WiFi router. My problem is that my speed is low and i think it's becouse ports aren't forwarded correctly, and i dont know how to forward them. My download speed is around 20-70 kb/s, here's a picture: sittk.jpg

Well, i've read a lot of guides about forwarding ports, so i went to and logged in (i have ZTE AR500 router-modem). I have some questions, here's a picture:



1) What is "Lan Port" ?

2)What is LAN ip ?

I took a test, and it showed, that my download speed is 600kb/s and upload is about 60-70kb/s

I dont have Static ip, becouse it cost's.

//edit Sorry about my grammar, im not from england/usa.


The neo :)

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Hi You shoukld setup a Static IP on your PC which by the way is FREE and Does NOT cost anything. the Static IP that will cost money is for the Modem your External IP 2 different IP's ;)

Read this on paying for a Static IP:


Go here and read this guide on How to choose a Static IP:


Well there is NO guide on Portforward for your router but if the menu is in English they can make one for you go here and Download & Run RSG and take screengrabs of all your Routers menu's:


But I can try and help you get setup in the meantime:

1. Lan Port just put the port you are using for uTorrent..

2. LAN IP this will be the IP of the PC you are using uTorrent on use your Static IP you setup ..

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Thank you very much! :)

I'm gonna post soon, if it helped.

EDIT: So, i took screengrabs and sent them to PostForward, and i should get reply back soon. I also have static ip now. I filled all fields correctly in the router menu, but still, the icon is red :(

(Enable: Checked

project name: i put "Name1"

WAN: there was only 1 option

WAN port range: 57859-57859


LAN Ip: My new static ip(ex,

LAN Port: 57859)

Like i said, it didnt worked :/

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