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µTorrent 2.0 beta 17539


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Speed/setup Guide (4) B16625:


Seems like it's almost there... :)


By rafi_d

Personally, I would recommend to make all of the test sites/links configurable, and put them in the preferences/UI extras - like the search engines or use an external files like IP filter to replace the defaults . They are likely to change status (stop working) . the user should be able to remove the ones not working ... it makes no sense to have uT change versions all the time because of those test servers...

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i would like to ask is the 2.0 will kind of crash the whole system? This is because i left it run for 15 min, i tried to open firefox, it stated no permission to open, then i tried to open task manager, it failed to open, i tried alt-ctrl-del, it stated something that doesn't allow the request. It happened twice.

So, basically i got to restart my computer using power button. Anyone has encounter this problem before?

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@elmiser420: Not to burst your bubble but... Wouldn't it make sense that the stable version will be up when the Beta is... well... "Stable"? Which it isn't yet due to the issues being discussed =X.

I'm mainly just waiting till the Create Torrents works before I return to using 2.0

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what do you expect us to do?

As I said, I've already written what I expect you to do. Another option to think about is (for the record...) -

- have an option if to auto-update it

- make a button for manual update (maybe in preferences)

- store a copy of the most update list in the local config, and use it (if available) use the hard coded one if not

Also, I suggest re-phrasing (to make it easier to correlate and understand the data):


AND unrelated : one of uT's more funnier bugs:


reporting negative # of peers - the makes the total peer's sum - negative...

I guess it might has to do with the tracker being an https one...

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UDP trackers are a different protocol for tracker communication that uses significantly less processing power on the tracker end. It's important for us to support this because trackers have limited resources, so this should allow them to support many more users with their current hardware and not crash under the load.

At last! And it took only four years. :P

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I like putting something like "Your upload speed"; that would apply well in the autodetect case as well as if you set it yourself. I'll see about doing this.

As for centering the results of the speed test - that's how I had it at first waaay back when. The visual guys want it left-aligned.

The kB/s kbits/s is going in for sure. I want to cut down on user confusion.

Also, if you're really concerned about what data utorrent is sending/receiving, just keep a wireshark log. You'll see that it is:

- Very tiny

- Very boring

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"your upload speed" seems reasonable enough...

As to left aligned - it's fine, but I was looking for a way to make the 3 speed numbers (tested-measured, manual-set, and uT-setting ) one bellow the other.

And about the data to/from your web, I'm not concerned about the content, but about the the issue of those server dynamically changing over time, as well as your updater not being on-line. So, I prefer keeping it as static as possible on the user side.

There is another aspect to it - the way you want to assist the user by saving his latest setup in-session and in-between sessions. I would like to see the user selection of the test-server (or maybe even his manually Internet setup) - being saved. This way he will not need to select again (most of the times...). The dynamic loading can interfere with that too - it will have to probably return to the first line/title.

Well, it's all a matter of compromising I guess... :)

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BUG - Listening Port in Setup Guide

1. open Setup Guide

2. change value of Current Port to your forwarded port

3. run both tests

4. after they pass OK click Save & Close

5. check the port at Preferences/Connection - the port has not been changed

version 2.0 Beta build 16625

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it did change here, w/o running the test... ('save' button was enabled by switching to manual setting on bandwidth test and returning to 'current'...)


There IS a problem... if you open the preferences - you see it changed, but as soon as you re-open the Setup Guide - it changes back to the one before...

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