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µTorrent 2.0 beta 17539


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is the Upload Limit Bug fixed yet?? My upload goes beyond the 7k limit I set. Right now its going at a steady 14kB/s to 18kB/s.Would like to see that fixed.

Same here:


this issue was reported ages ago, and it feeles like no one cares either to respond and/or to fix it... :(

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I really like the current (well I'm using the last 1.9 alpha as I find it more stable, shockingly enough) behaviour desirable. If I were in different circumstances (eg. counted uploads) however, it would be disastrous if it were not configurable.

I have no idea about how to describe the feature as it stands however. ;)

(but I do like it)

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Had a weird bug show up today here, though really limited details on it so dunno if it was my goof or legitimate. Running the Setup Guide it says for the given port number at the bottom that setting it to 0 will make it randomize the port. Ok. Did that. From then on uTorrent seems to think I literally entered port 0 and will not change no matter what I do. The red icon on the status bar shows warning to change the listening port. Changing it in preferences and restarting uT did nothing and reverted back to port 0. Even trying to change it in the Setup Guide afterwards refused to make a permanent change. The only way I found to fix it was wiping all the dat files in the AppData folder and re-running the installer to reset everything.

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Hi all,

I have been having a weird thing in µTorrent 2.0 beta 16666 . Whenever I start with whatever upload speeds (doesn't matter its 5 Kbps or 8 Kbps or 15 or whatever) after sometime it loses connection to the tracker.

Can somebody tell me what to look at ?

This is what utorrent says

An operation on a socket could not be performed becuase the system lacked sufficient buffer space or because a queue was full.

I have another issue.

I am in the process of downloading ubuntu 9.10 beta dvd x86 torrent and whenever I stop and try to recheck it I get the following

Error: Missing files from job, please recheck

even after rechecking I get the above statement.

After closing and opening utorrent again, I get this :-

"Error: Invalid Download state, try resuming"

Trying to resume I get the first statement.

There is something more. Something in the diagnostic thread.

[2009-10-03 15:47:16] Loaded ipfilter.dat (196224 entries)

[2009-10-03 15:47:17] *** Starting Diagnostic thread ***

[2009-10-03 15:47:42] IO Error:1168 line:395 align:-99 pos:-99 count:131072 actual:16384

[2009-10-03 15:47:42] ReadFile error: ubuntu-9.10-beta-dvd-i386.iso:468713472:1048576:1048576:3

[2009-10-03 15:49:10] IO Error:1168 line:395 align:-99 pos:-99 count:131072 actual:16384

[2009-10-03 15:49:10] ReadFile error: ubuntu-9.10-beta-dvd-i386.iso:468713472:1048576:1048576:3

[2009-10-03 15:52:26] IO Error:1168 line:395 align:-99 pos:-99 count:131072 actual:16384

[2009-10-03 15:52:26] ReadFile error: ubuntu-9.10-beta-dvd-i386.iso:468713472:1048576:1048576:3

[2009-10-03 15:58:34] IO Error:1168 line:395 align:-99 pos:-99 count:131072 actual:16384

[2009-10-03 15:58:34] ReadFile error: ubuntu-9.10-beta-dvd-i386.iso:468713472:1048576:1048576:3

Any ideas, suggestions whatever please lemme know.

This is on internal hdd.

Something more, Just did the setup guide

[2009-10-03 19:49:38]  Server does not support this client[2009-10-03 19:49:38]  Checking for forwarded port[2009-10-03 19:50:38]  Port Forward test complete. offline (timed out)[2009-10-03 19:50:38]  Checking auto portmap configuration ...[2009-10-03 19:50:38]  Neither NAT-PMP nor UPnP is enabled. Please check your preferences.

In preferences > Advanced > Disk Cache all the options in Advanced are turned on - checked.

In Basic Disk caching both are off.

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Hi Jivan:

What OS are you using? How many torrents do you have loaded?

How do you stop the torrent when you try to recheck? Did you move the downloaded file?

The "IO Error" lines don't have anything to do with the diagnostic thread - they're just right after in the log.

The lines starting "IO Error:1168" mean that a file is missing from disk. The next line shows which file. This could point to a failing or full disk - you might want to run some disk checker software.

Setup guide port forward test - Here's what this test does:

1. Test to see if your connect port in the preferences is reachable from the outside

2. If that fails, try to auto-configure your router using NAT-PMP / UPnP. Those options have to be selected in Preferences / Connection

Also, it looks like your settings.dat file may be corrupt. Make a copy, then delete it.

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I have encounter problem with 16666 build. Torrent status is "enqueued" and there are no any activity, but in Preferences I have select 2 simultaneous downloaded torrents, and all other torrents are completed. I always have to select 'force download'. OS is Win7 Ultimate x64.

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Is it normal to get abnormal latency pings with my network gw and any other location after enabling UTP in latest utorrent build? With UTP disabled i get like 11MB/s download, 3-4MB/s upload an ping is ~50ms. With UTP, speed is somehow small (10MB/s download, 2MB/s upload), but ping is 100ms+. Is that normal? My system is Vista Sp2.

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Love 2.0 but I have constant problems with the new speed guide.

It hangs at "connecting..." most of the time until I stop the test (or I get an error)

and if it does connect...

The upload seeds are inaccurate (used several different servers). I have seen this same thing get posted since page 2 and does not seem to have been fixed. It says my upload speed is 58kB/s when it is really .368 megabits (whatever that is in k bytes/s) according to speedtest.net

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yusky03: The issue with hanging at "Connecting ..." is a known issue - I'm working with the maintainer of the NDT servers to resolve this issue.

The NDT test and speedtest.net tests use different servers, so it's not uncommon to see some difference. Your difference is a bit larger than mine, though - I'd like to get more comparisons to speedtest.net once the NDT servers are happy again.

Thank you.

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AdamK: What is NDT? Can I do a test there outside of uTorrent? and post my results?

On dslreports.com I am getting .368mb/s also... exactly what I am paying for.

58kB/s = .475mb/s BTW... I did the test in uTorrent several times and always get 58.x kB/s

Inside uTorrent the upload speed test bursts(?) a lot more then speedtest.net or dslreports.com does.

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