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µTorrent 2.0 beta 17539


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I'm experiencing an issue where my down speed drops (from 300+ kbps to under 20kbps) after a few minutes of active downloading. Stopping the torrent and starting it again fixes the issue, but only for another few minutes. The issue seems to only occur when NAT-PMP is enabled (logger says it fails to map the port using NAT-PMP, which is not unexpected on my network). I'm running 17341 on Win7 x64.

Edit: The problem still occurs without NAT-PMP, it just takes a bit longer (it could be completely unrelated to NAT-PMP, my experimentation hasn't exactly been methodical). This is a problem across multiple torrents, by the way. Stopping/starting the torrent restores download speed to 300+ within a few seconds.

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oblig: What does

Change: complete upload-only extension support

in the new build mean?

Specifically, what is the "upload-only extension"? Google returns this thread...


I'd also note that this build is being pushed out by auto update, for those following along at home.

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@DeathStalker: in 1.8.x

If you want to use only uTP, set this variable to 10 (uTP connections) + 16 (new uTP header) = 26. Of course, you need to have a swarm with 1.8.x or 2.x peers.

You can use 10 too (uTP only but current header).

bt.transp_disposition: This option controls µTorrent's level of bias towards using TCP or uTP for transporting data (assuming the peer at the other end of the connection supports both transport protocols). The following is a list of the accepted values:

1 allows µTorrent to attempt outgoing TCP connections

2 allows µTorrent to attempt outgoing uTP connections

4 allows µTorrent to accept incoming TCP connections

8 allows µTorrent to accept incoming uTP connections

16 tells µTorrent to use the new uTP header. This is an improved communication header, but is not backwards compatible with clients that do not understand it.

This option is interpreted as a bitfield, so values can be added together to obtain a combination of behaviors. Setting this value to 255 guarantees that all behaviors are enabled.

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