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Major issue - "The System Has Been Shut Down"


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I'm running XPSP3, always up to date with latest patches (freshly installed thanks to this bug I'm describing). The CPU is Athlon 5200 X2, DEP is disabled.

This is an issue with partially downloaded files which can result in total system crash so bad that the system becomes unusable. Read on.

First issue I noticed is when I try to run a partially downloaded video from the uTorrent Files tab, the video that would play was not the video being downloaded but some other video file that was previously downloaded with uTorrent but was manually moved to a different directory after the download. Now I know that moving files does not actually physically move the files on the disk (depending on the move method used) but only actually updates the FileSystem bitmap. This is probably the reason this happens.

But it's a different story with executables.

I recently accidentally tried to run a partially downloaded executable file via the uTorrent's Files tab and a crash so bad occurred that the system was unusable after the reboot. When i ran the partial exe, first all the apps started popping up AVs with "random" memory addresses, starting with uTorrent, then the system crashed with a BSOD stating that "A SERIOUS ERROR HAS OCCURRED. THE SYSTEM HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN".

After the reboot the system was completely broken. Strange GDI paining artifacts (no screen repaints on random areas, leftover shadows, etc), no networking, insane lags on file execution, basically the issues were so diverse and broad that It spread probably across all Windows' subsystems.

I'm now suspecting that it was an issue with WinSxS folders and filesystem bitmap which was damaged in this event which is why all these issues appeared but the system was still able to boot.

So basically what I'm suggesting is that you dissalow the execution of partially downloaded executable files via uTorrent. I know this is most likely not an uTorrent issue but as I described not protecting them while they are downloaded can lead to some very very strange and serious crashes that can completely destroy your Windows install.

I hope you look into this,


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I just recovered off the same problem.

There was a bug in utorrent which lets the torrent file be as big enough to let a virus in. Anyway, utorrent solved that but Threatfire still froze the newest Utorrent1.9 beta version when I uninstalled it.

After I exited Utorrent 1.9 beta and clicked the icon on my start menu it tried to re-install itself. I stopped it because that was one of the problems of the older versions. When I tried to uninstall Threatfire froze it.

If you install Avast free anti-virsus and do a schedule an Avast system boot virus check you will probably find DLL files corrupted and trojans on your system. Kernel32.dll, winsock.dll, and wsock32.dll were infected on my system. Check your torrent file sizes. You will probably find one that is hundreds of kilobytes long. That's the bug.

First I had to enter a command from the Run command line in windows to create the recovery option on boot. Doc's on how to install the recovery console at

http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307654. It is only two lines but didn't save it.

I replaced dll by entering recovery mode and entering the command,

"copy D:\i386\KERNEL32.dl_ c:\Windows\System32\KERNEL32.dll". On Xp_sp3 you can't use the expand command, copy does the same thing from the dos line in the recovery console.

I also installed spy-bot before I knew what was happening.

I think that is everything. I've tested my power settings limiting it to turning off the monitor and hard disks and the system has not crashed during power saving mode after 6 hours today.

Your not allowed to add additional post and this problem has been messing up my system for weeks. Good luck. Send me an email after you get rid of the Trojans.

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I just want to note that I do not run any antivirus programs in "resident protection" modes. No "OS firewalls" and such crap. I have a solid firewall and I run ClamWin from time to time on files that I'm not 100% positive are clean. I can't remember the last time I had a virus. 10 years ago or something.

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