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lost data bug


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system: uTorrent, windows 2003 server ent SP2 chs, RAM 3GB.

First, I'm sorry for my poor english.

I download a torrent, about 61GB. After someday, maybe downloaded size about 30GB,

I found a bug.

When downloading, have a temp file, if the file size over 2GB, utorrent report state error, maybe "Invalidate state..." or something else. I have to rename or delete the temp file, and restart utorrent,it will check data. After that, data lost, at least size of the temp file. e.g. downloaded 3GB data, temp file 2GB, then lost over 2GB, maybe 2GB, maybe 2.5GB, or else.

I'm bother with the bug, please fix it, thank you!

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