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Problems since downloading BT 6.2


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When I had 6.1 and every previous version for a few years I never had this problem, the day I upgraded to 6.2 (a few days ago) I've been having a lot of problem. For some reason, even though a torrent will have 50S and only 20 or so Leechers I still can't "connect to it". My bittorent will say "downloading" for all of my 15~ downloads, but will only actually dl/ul out to 3 at a time. I checked all the preferences and can't find anything that would make this do that. ;S

So it looks like this, I have 15 torrents downloading/uploading. Only the first three I put on there will gain S/L's. When one of the ones I have done downloading finishes, and ONLY after I remove it from BT will another one start, which means I can't seed to people after I complete a download.

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