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Strange problem with uploading


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I have strange problem with uploading and I hope you will be able to help. So... Download speed is all good, but when it comes to uploading I can't get a good ratio. Here's how it looks, when I use "seeding only" or I'm not downloading anything at a moment. In Active there is nothing and suddendly a torrent pops up with speed about 2-3 kB/s but as soon as it pops it's speed start to drop and in less then 10 seconds it disappear from Active. There was no such problem before my system reinstall (Windows XP before and now too).

Please help, because without good ratio I will be kicked out from the trackers I'm in.


I tried everything what is in FAQ or sticky topics and searched forum for similar problems. My ports are open and I went through a "Does your ISP blocking your uTorrent transfer?" - it's not it apparently.

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Here, my settings : http://yfrog.com/5a71870405jx

Edit: I enabled DHT, but still my download rate is crap - I used your advices from FAQ and common problems and it didn't helped with upload and destroyed my download, so please help :)

Edit #2 : Also after reinstall my browser (Google Chrome actually, but tried FF and even checked IE, all veeery slow) runs badly. Maybe this will guide to some solutions.

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So low-end ADSL with terrible download/upload speed max?

Disable Local Peer Discovery AND Resolve IPs (right-click in PEERS window of a torrent) if you haven't already.

Local peers are very unlikely with ADSL...and even if you found them, they almost certainly would not offer large speed advantages. :(

Resolve IPs is just a bandwidth and connection eater...not a bad one, but on marginal networking software and hardware...it doesn't help!

Reduce upload slots per torrent to 3...it may hardly matter, but if you ever get lots of peer connections at once...fewer upload slots is fairer to others.

Reduce bt.connect_speed to only 1-4 outgoing connection attempts per second. Even 10 is probably still too much. :(

Your ISP may be hostile to BitTorrent traffic. Do some online (google?) searches on it. If that's the case, depending on the method they're using...almost nothing may work. :(

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