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uTorrent and Internet


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I have router at home, my PC connects with router by cable, and the laptop connects with wireles connection. When utorrent runs on laptop everything is ok , internet connection dont crashes, when i start utorrent on my PC after 2-10 min. i cant get into internet, skype and uTorrent are working. Trouble is not in the router. (Linksys WRT54G)

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While not perfectly identical, the Linksys WRT54G v5 router is found pretty much at ROCK-BOTTOM on that table!

Here partially explains why:


Lousy amount of ram, lousy chipset.

It's worth the trouble of putting DD-WRT mini/micro 3rd party firmware on it. If you brick it in the process...that's still a good reason to get a better router. :P

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# i reinstalled the newest frimeware for my router, ive configured utorrent speed

# I've changed speed uploading to 2 mb/s (my internet provider get me 10mb/s speed) ive opened port in my router for uTorrent

# green light in my u torrent

# everything is o'k

# 2mb/s

# never opened TCP/IP

# Windows Vista x64

# Nod 32

# Router Linksys WRT54g ver. 7

# Skynet (LTU)

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