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hi everyone.provider proxy connection is slowling x4 my dl speed..tk


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the substance of my prob is well done in the object.I live in Italy wich is not that BelPaese in many areas....for communicattion we stand like maybe the third world...anyway...

i just changed home, bought an adsl 7M.

waiting for tecnicians to wire my house cables im using for free the USB adsl_pen within.

the standard way to connect is to pass through the proxy(proxies??) of my provider....

THAT just slow down my perr2peer dl speed for maybe x5 of my real power

for image....Tha DOWN button in the program is red-off.

Anyone could tell me something?

Thank You


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lots of tx switek

tough y are bad news moderator....those are good news for me..

mi ISP isVodafone IT..i was scared it was a nazi.type one...but its not

just followed ultima's guide and the others plus an italian one to configure the adsl machine they sell here

That improved x2 the speed

but my ports are still unreacheables.....

-i set up a static ip (maybe??)

-i manually opened ports

it still doesnt work well...i can send you any info if u have a bit of time...

anyway.....im stilll using the mobile key on the modem waiting for technicians to wire my house....is it possible its an answer??

i have a 7M and reach un UT a 60kbps d......the MUL doesnt work....

Thank you so far


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"the standard way to connect is to pass through the proxy(proxies??) of my provider...."

I'm on ComCast Cable ISP in the USA...despite their problems, I don't have to connect THROUGH a stinking proxy to get internet access!

Nor does most people on most any ADSL or cable service on EARTH.

From my point of view, the internet almost appears to be a part of my network.

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i think the same....maybe u dont understand so well politics as maths...... dear mate

here i live in a fucking satelitte of BlackGold Liar Empire

and our politicians are stupids little clown nazi sepherds

teaching coscience dissolution

take a look once or just 2 in your life dear american boy


"Take us to Madre

they are liars we dont believe them

take us to Madre

naked as children wild as can be

Soon to have Offspring

Starting all over"

extract from a chant before the Revolution

take kare

God bless us

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Make no mistake, I am aware of Carnivore and Echelon...I am aware of "hackers" being held sometimes for weeks without charges. And once someone gets a "bad spot" on their record, they often get dragged back into court...sometimes as a "witness" to any possible acquaintance they ever had. People don't normally disappear, but they often receive rough treatment from police...who are now doing searches and arrests under the "watchful eyes" of corporate representatives that are given key evidence that they can "examine" before a trial and without any government oversight. And the people do not complain because most are not aware or are simply lazy.

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