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Problem with ipfilter.dat


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I downloaded ipfilter.dat and edited it (it was already enabled in the advance settings) and decide it to test it so I choose a torrent with only 1 seeder so can be sure it works and blocked his ip and restarted utorrent and it worked - he was removed from the peers list and no traffic. Then I removed the ip from the ipfilter.dat and restarted utorrent but I still couldn't connect to him. I restarted windows and again I couldn't connect to him. I know he is online because there is only 1 other leecher and his % grow..

So my question is: How to unblock the ip?

P.S. Right after I wrote this post I see the seeder is seeding again so no need to bother my question anymore. Couldn't find a way to delete my post though. Thanks.

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