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Error connecting to trackers


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Those settings are INSANELY hostile to others.

upload speed max 65 KB/sec

Global Max Conns. 2800+

Per-torr.Max.Conn 2000+

upload slots 14 allow additional upload slots!

If even a FRACTION of people do that, EVERYONE'S speeds will suffer badly!

Can you sustain an upload speed of 65 KiloBYTES/second in uTorrent?

If not, setting the upload speed too high or too low is neither good for you nor good for others.

That's also way too many upload slots to allow at once...and with the allow additional upload slots thing checked, it just gets worse. :(

EACH peer/seed connection you have and each you're attempting to make eats into the max download and upload speed you have. So there's a fine balance between getting "enough" peer/seed connections to max out your download speed (at the probable expense of others) and wasting a large percentage of you max speed TRYING to max it out.

This goes way beyond that, even a 100 megabit/sec fiber optic line often has little use for 1000 connections at once!

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