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EZTV RSS Downloader never matches smart episode filter


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I've done a lot of searching and have not found a solution. I have read the help multiple times. I am running uTorrent 1.8.3. I have an RSS filter:


auto download with smart episode filter are selected.

The RSS downloader is:

filter *

feed Monk (which is what I named the RSS filter above)

episode number 8x2-

smart ep. filter is checked

When I click ? nothing is selected. If I take off the smart ep filter all are selected.

The EZTV episodes on the RSS list look like:

Monk 8 x 3 [HDTV - FQM] RSS Monk

None of my EZTV RSS filters are working so I must be doing something stupid.

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I am afraid I cannot help you, but I have the exact samt problem with Smart Episode Filter.

I have the full ezRSS feed with all the shows and then I try to filter out the ones I want to download. For example I have the following filters:




and some other in that format. However the filters dont catch anything while Smart Episode Filter is turned on. If I turn SEF off, the correct feed entries are selected and downloaded but the second I turn SEF on again the filters stop working which is very annoying.

I really hope someone can shed some light on the matter...

EDIT: After some investigation (and turning on the Episode column i uTorrent for the RSS feed) it seems that uTorrent cannot figure out the correct episode and season from just about any entry on the EZTV-feed. Havent yet tried any other feed to see it the problem applies there as well but something seems to mess upp the episode parsing on the feed from ezRSS

EDIT2: Ok, tried the feed from BT-Chat and uTorrent seems to decode season and episode correctly which means something iw wrong on the ezRSS-feed. Strange since it looks ok to me...

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I've found that if a feed contains dated material instead of material identified by episode, the smart episode filter doesn't work. Seems like if something can't be parsed into the "episode" field it wont accept it.

Does that apply to your feed? I can't check it out right now.

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No, the "8 x 3" does not end up in the Episode column which is the whole problem. "8 x 3" is a valid notation of season and episode but uTorrents seems unable to recognize it. Had it said S8E3 it would most likely work fine, maybe even if it said "8x3" but "8 x 3" does not work.

The best solution would be if uTorrent correctly identified season/episode from "8 x 3", next best solution would be to correct the RSS-feed (which I have contacted ezRSS about). Disabling Smart Episode Filter comes a long way down on the list of preferred solutions...

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I have the same issue with EZTV. Using a custom Burn Notice feed, my settings are:

Filter: *


Feed: (All)

Quality: ALL

Episode: 3x1-

Smart Ep Filter: Checked

And I get no results. If I uncheck SEP and set no episode numbers, I still get no matches. However, when I set Quality to HDTV, I get the entire listing. Any combination of SEP and setting episodes along with HDTV quality, also returns no results.

The ONLY way I can get results is having no filter except for some odd reason needing to set quality to HDTV.

I've even tried BT-Chat, and still no luck.

I agree it seems that uTorrent is not parsing a space in the season/episode (e.g. "3 x 5" vs "3x5").

Anyone having luck???

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Hi all,

In order to address this problem I created a simple wrapper to correct the errors in the EZTV feed. It reads the most recent feed from EZTV, removes the extra spaces from the torrent titles and serves the modified feed back to the user. I have tested it and it works fine with the RSS Downloader from uTorrent.

It is free and available for everyone to use.

It can be accessed here

The source code can be seen here

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Well toma's fix is interesting but it would be great to have the search features that ezrss.com provides. While some people might suggest that we should bother EZ to conform their feed, it is just as reasonable to ask uTorrent to fix it on their end. If this becomes a pissing contest of who is doing it "right" or conforming to whatever 'spec' someone has deemed to be THE spec, then we the users lose. Hope someone fixes this soon.

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i had d same problem... switched to bt chat and matches properly but now i got another problem... it matches but it wont start downloading on its own... and no i have not checked d dont start downloads automatically box... d feeds dont even queue up... nebody got suggestions as 2 wat i should do???

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as of yesterday, ezrss feeds are fixed for the most part. They changed the "3 x 8" format to "3x8" with no spaces and now utorrent picks up episode numbers.

That change however cost me dearly, since I had set it up not by episode number, but whenever I added a feed, I selected download all (but not start downloading so they just got added to the queue), and then immediately remove/delete both torrent and file. That way, all old entries were marked as previously downloaded.

After the change, those marks disappeared and my client attempted to download EVERY SINGLE EPISODE in ALL of my rss feeds. I was mad when I got home and realized.

Anyway, from now on, ezrss should work with episode filtering except for double episodes. They for some reason appear as "0x24" I think that's because episode 23-24 of season 4 gets marked as E24 s03e23 and utorrent gives higher priority to E24 and lists it as "0-24". That's not that big of a deal and usually only a problem at the beginning or the end of a season.

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