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Green, Yellow, Red Lite for Show, or Real?


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I am using the latest uTorrent downlload, 1.8.2, Windows Vista Home Prem., new Belkin Wireless Router. I have been researching settings for about 2 months now, using all the suggested port setting, and combination's. Only one time has my Green Lite come on. That was for two days running. It went out turning to Red, never to come back.

I now have my Belkin set at 10000-65000, and I make a random port in uTorrents about 2-3 times a day. I am at ropes end. Why can't I get a Green Lite? I know its not just me. On other forum I hav visited other are experiencing the same thing. My speeds are not bad, its just that RED light. Any more suggestions to what I haven't tried?

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