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All torrents are red please help!!!


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Hi guys

Ive been using utorrent 1.8.3 for some months now and everything was working ok but today something strange happened, all my torrents seeds and downloads are all red even torrents with 200 seeders are red and i always got the same errors on the tracker info, it says the tracker is offline but i know its not

offline timed out --> this happens in all of them

plus when i try to update the tracker it stays in updating and it never changes.

i use the tcp ip patch, i have my ports forwarded working ok, i have a green check in my connection, i have protocol encription to active, dht on. never had problems with my settings before, net max half open set to 50, i know its high but increases my speed dramatically, i repeat never had problems since i updated to this version.

what's the problem? can anyone help?

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