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utorrent kills internet despite downgrading


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Basically after a few minutes utorrnet cuts out my internet.

i think its something to do with my router as it doesnt happen when im at my house at uni.

iv tried using different torrent clients and the same happens.

However i presume its something to do with the interaction between my mac and router as it didnt happen with my with old windows pc. it will kill my connection for around 20 seconds, then it comes back on, and again after a few minutes it will cut off again!

any ideas?

Im running a macbook pro, fully updated, have given it a static IP (by going into network preferences, IPV4, manually configure, and type the ip address in.

have opened the port on router, to the ip of my mac.

but still it happens?

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even when i limit download limit to 50, check limit upload, having seeding ratio as 1.5, max number of global connections as 10, connections per torrent as 5 it still happens....

what else can i limit without it being overkill?

edit : by changing a few settings iv managed to stop utorrent killing my internet (i think) but the problem is now it just doesnt download?. i have the green connection light in the bottom right. and blue arrows next to my download but just no activity...

my settings are -

download limit -70

upload limit - 40

seeding - 1.5

global limit - 10

per torrent limit - 5

active transfer limit - 8

active download limit - 5

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What model of router are you using?

What versions of µTorrent for PC and Mac are you using?

Might be the NAT table getting filled or it might be something else. A little more info will help us to investigate.


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