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conservative guide = :)


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You make some great points.

1.Max connections may seem low, but many consumer networking hardware and software products cannot handle 100+ connections at once!

This Maximum Simultaneous Connections test shows just how AWFUL many consumer Routers are:

http://www.smallnetbuilder.com/componen … chart,124/

2.The addition of uTP and Teredo/IPv6 connections only makes matters worse for weak networking.bt.connect_speed defaults to attempting 20 new outgoing connections PER SECOND.a timAnd unlike regular TCP peer/seed connections, uTP and Teredo/IPv6 are both UDP streams which are not bound to the net.max_halfopen limit of 8 connection attempts at a time..This is why I recommend lowering bt.connect_speed to only 1-4. net.max_halfopen will still be the limiting factor.

3.Another point you made concerns DHT and Peer Exchange.I have always turned these funtions off because I used private sites.Now,I use mostly public sites,so these funtions are turned on (In the case where you're downloading a public torrent with very few peers/seeds, DHT may find additional sources.)

I might not be the most technical guy in the bunch,but after reading your very informative post,I knew my settings were way off base.My Cable line is 7000kbps down and 490kbps up.I used the default settings in the speed guide to configure my settings.

Here was my first mistake.My upload speed is closer to 512kbps vs the 384kbps,so naturally,being greedy,I went with the higher number,and used those settings.

Upload Limit =47KB/s

Connections/torrent =90

Connections/Global =250

Upload slots =4

Max Number of active torrents up or down = 3/3

I use a regular wired router,and configured the ports to accept connections,configured software firewall,peer guardian ect.. ect..Green Light on,and port is open & accepting connections.

I use a program called (xp-anti-spy).I use it to patch my maximum connection limit.I patched this from 10 to 60.

In advanced settings in Utorrent, I set my net.max_halfopen at 50.

Under the settings above I could still cap out my max download (and then some) between 700-900KB/s downloading 3 files at a time,but that's assuming there are alot of seeders on that torrent.It varied. Peak times,off peak times + Time Warner cable = who in the hell knows,but in general it was acceptable.

Here are my reconfigured settings:

I changed the net.max_halfopen in utorrent back to 8 and lowered the bt.connect_speed to 4

Then changed these settings:

Upload Limit =45KB/s

Connections/torrent =45

Connections/Global =125

Upload slots =4

Max Number of active torrents up or down = 3/3

I want to get the best download speeds,if possible.Do these new settings seem appropriate?

I was scared to get this conservative,but I have noticed some good results.I had to read the post over 3 or 4 times,and it started to sink in,finally.These settings made alot of sense.

I was downloading a torrent with only 2 seeders and 9 leechers,and had a constant speed at 128KB/s to 155KB/s.In my personal experience,that never happens on public sites with those numbers.I was pulling that speed, beside the fact I had 2 other torrents downloading at the same time.2 out of the 3 torrents were averaging 150KB/s with hardly any seeds.I was freakin amazed.I have seen numerous guides on the net to speed up downloads using utorrent,and 99.9 % of that advice is wrong.I'm glad I came here to get some solid advice.

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"Do these new settings seem appropriate?"

Yes, if anything you could set max active torrents to 4...so 1 torrent can be kept seeding while up to 3 download.

As far as connection max is concerned...even setting them as low as 20 per torrent SHOULD work, downloads speeds are often impacted but upload is probably not. (Upload slots are often far lower than max connection!) Still if you connect to 1 superfast source (seed or peer that has more than you), it doesn't matter if you have 10 other connections or 1000...except having 1000 would mean LESS speed from the 1 superfast source. :P

I forgot and left my max connections per torrent set to 10 and was wondering why I was "only" downloading around 150 KB/sec with 3 downloading torrents. When I raised that to 30-40, my download speed increased to max...around 700-800 KB/sec. While this was a private torrent, it was NOT on a private tracker that enforced any sort of ratio...so having the torrent flagged private actually makes it extremely hard to seed. (Since most of the ips are seeds, a seed trying to connect to a peer has trouble.)

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Thank-You very much.I learned something today.I do have 1 more question?

In utorrent-Advanced Settings-Disk cache, I changed a few settings.I am using version 1.8.2,but need to upgrade if thats any advantage.

Anyway,In basic cache settings I checked the box that indicates reduce memory usage when cache is not needed.I also checked the boxes for enabling disk writes and reads,but did not check writing out blocks every 2 minutes or immediately.I figure thats less wear and tear on my hdd.The only other box I checked was increase automatic cache size when cache thrashing.Hopefully those settings are correct.

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uTorrent v1.8.4 should download/upload at higher speeds with uTP connections.

Uncheck "reduce memory usage when cache is not needed"...otherwise the disk cache hardly gets used!

I increased my disk cache to ~100 MB in size. If you had insane amounts of free ram, you could increase it as high as ~1700 MB...but ONLY if you weren't planning to use that ram for anything else.

I often change disk cache size based on what I'm doing...if I'm afk from the computer for multiple hours, I often set it as high as 350 MB.

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