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Re: Singnet bandwidth limitations


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Ok, so recently my uTorrent download speeds have experienced a sudden drop of 300kb/s to an average of less than 20kb/s. Which is a huge drop and seriously affecting my otaku life.

I thought it must have been my settings and port forwarding so I re-did everything. Didn't work. I read some guides on ways to improve torrent speeds and none of it worked for me. Then I found out that the problem was with my ISP, Singnet. I did some digging around and found a couple of threads here on the uTorrent forum with some solutions and guides. None of them worked for me. In fact, my speeds got worse, so basically, what I wanna know is, is there any way to curb this bandwidth limiting problem? I suppose this would be one of those individual cases if the general guides aren't working for me. Here's some info.

My router model is a 2WIRE 2700HG-V2.

uTorrent ver. 1.8.3, and as I said, ISP is Singnet from Singapore.

Running on Windows Vista Home Basic SP1.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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You might get better results doing this: ("mild settings")


For an example of more extreme "stealth" settings in uTorrent: (long-winded explanation of ISP throttling)


NOTE: Those settings probably won't really work for you, they were a special case for a wireless ISP!

...But I do a better job explaining what and why those settings are chosen.

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