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How to move torrent list


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I'm new to this forum, and I would like to know if there's a way to "backup" my current torrent list or if there's a way to transfer my torrent list to another OS, because I'm installing windows 7 in a vista machine (clean install, not upgrading), and I don't want to lose my current torrent list.

Is there a way to do it so I won't lose my list?

Btw thanks for the client, It's the best!

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Save the entire folder %appdata%\utorrent or \bittorrent that contains your history, settings and .torrents by default and copy it on your new OS.

If you have stored .torrents in another folder, save it (Preferences > Directories).

If on your new OS, the drive letters are the same, uT will resume all your torrent jobs.

If drive letters change, revert back them to their previous value with the Disk Manager in Windows.

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