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I feel like a dummy


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I have read and read and read numerous topics in the forums, numerous web pages, and watched numerous how-to's on youtube on how to portforward. I am a realtively novice computer person who decided to download Utorrent on the advice of my brother. I cannot get the speed test to tell me that my portforwarding efforts were successful. I have randomized and changed the port - nothing. I have closed my firewalls - (windows and mcafee) - nothing. So, I just don't know what else to do at this point on that account.

Second question.... none of the information at the bottom of my utorrent program 'box' will show, i.e. peers, files, etc. with the exception of the speed section (and all that does is confirm how slowly the program is working for me). It worked two days ago, but not now.

So - any other advice on port forwarding?

And how do I view the info at the bottom of the window?


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I think I came late but I can help you (my english is a crap but I'll do my best)

probably you are behind a router. If so you have to go to on IE, Firefox, etc, (user:admin pass:admin), go to port forwarding and put the port that uTorrent is using, then put your internal IP (probably 192.168.1.x), and protocol "all", save. That's all

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