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Problem with my torrent......HELP!


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I installed uTorrent 1.8.3, and my download connection is 44kB/s BARELY.....and my connection is 1mb/s, so I should go to 110kB/s. I installed that patch for connections ''EvID4226Patch'' and set it to 80, as instructions said (50 - 100), and I also set in Advanced all what instructions said>

net.max_halfopen 50*

I enabled Protocol Encryption

THIS INSTRUCTIONS I FOLLOWED > http://www.technospot.net/blogs/ultimate-utorrent-tweaks/

When the instuctions suggested that I try Port Forwarding I followed the instructions....everything....Static IP, DNS....everything until I arrived to the part

Click the Advanced link near the left of the page.

You should now see a new menu. In this new menu, click Virtual Server.******

I cant find Virtual Server....I dont have it in my router settings.....What shoul I do? Any ideas.....Once I set Torrent right....and only that I can remember is that I installed that patch and I checked some things in preferences...I even didnt dO Port Forwarding.....Is that possible....Help!!!!!

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