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problem with my upload speed


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alright well heres the deal, i've just fixed the ports to where they are all forwarding properly. but im still having the same problems. every time i see one of my seeding files actually start to upload it only goes up to .1kb/s and cuts out right after it starts. is there any way i can tweak my bit torrent to where it will upload with a healthy constant speed?

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Check the Tracker tab/window after selecting a torrent.

Tracker status SHOULD be "working".

Peer connections should be shown in the Peers tab/window (though you have to right-click in the window to disable resolve ips so you see "bare" ip addresses)

...and their connection attempts shown in Logger tab/window (right-click to enable logging options).

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under the trackers tag these are what most of my seeding files look like

[DHT] not allowed

[local peer discovery] not allowed

[peer exchange] not allowed

http://tracker.123.com working

and under loggers alot of them say failed hash check.

what should i do to fix these problems?

edit: i just found out that my internet provider, comcast prevents seeding. is there any way around this to where i can upload my files?

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If torrents are failing hash check that's something on your end...dying hard drive, crashing operating system, etc. This is assuming you're trying to SEED and getting that message.

If you're still downloading, that could mean connection issues...but very unlikely that's ComCast corrupting your data.

"not allowed" for DHT, Peer Exchange, and local peer discovery means it's a private torrent...if the tracker fails to give you working peer/seed ip addresses, you're screwed.

But since the tracker says "working"...how many peers and seeds is it supposedly giving you?

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