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Changing the Caption of Torrents without double-clicking


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Pick a torrent

Get its name

Search for it in resume.dat

Find the string X:Y, where X is the length of Y and Y is the name (e.g. 6:6chars)

Make sure that string is directly after 7:caption

Change replace Y with Y*, and replace X to reflect the size of Y*.

Fire up uTorrent and you should see the change

You can easily automate this change. In fact, I will automate it by looping through through a list of loaded torrents and for each torrent searching inside it for its name (info -> name), going into resume.dat, and changing the caption (the string after 7:caption) under the respective torrent (which is labeled by its name inside resume.dat).

All I can say is thank god uTorrent doesn't check for changes in resume.dat, settings.dat, and rss.dat, like the tracker checks for the hash value of the torrent.

After writing the code to handle a bencoded dictionary, it's really easy. Any suggestions/warnings?

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