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Help, really weird problem, nobody saw it, nobody knows it


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Hello, i've been having some serius problems, i have searchead for many possible solutions, about my moden configuration, about firewall, even about my OS, (vista ultimate 64bit), but it seens that the matter is not about them, so my last site where i can try is here......

I cant, i simply cant, donwload or upload

I have properly forwarded the port, i have settled a fix IP adress, i made everything allright, i even turned off my windows firewall, but nothing, simply nothing, happens

I have tried with many torrent files, and the result is the same

I am sure that is not about traffic shapping on my connection, becouse I CAN DOWLOAD NORMALLY ON MY OLD PC.........thats what you read.....

I can only download on my old PC, and there it happens just fine......

i really dont know what the hell is this....... it works right here, im my home, in another PC, with windows xp sp3, but im my PC, it just dont work....

Any hope for me???

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