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What on earth is happening?


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Hi, Im using utorrent 1.8.4 and im getting quite a bad problem. Forgive me if i cant explain it well but I'll try.

I have a seperate folder just for downloads which is placed on a partition, this folder is simply called "downloads" I have quite a few files there. Now for instance I go to download a TV documentary, I load up the torrent and tell it where to save the file (downloads) This is where it gets really screwed up, the torrent loads and begins to download fine....

until I realise its downloading a program which is already on my H/D and already downloaded --> again, BUT the torrent still has the name of the original download --> WTF?

Its getting bonkers because some things D/L ok but say one episode out of a series will be something that is already on my H/D, this episode is 100% complete but utorrent still goes thru the motions and says its 20% complete, if you get my drift.

thanks guys, any explanation is welcome!

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Its happens to both preview's and completed downloading, utorrent is just randomly choosing what .AVI's go with what folder ect ect.

The only thing i can think of is that i recently did a full install of my O/S. But i backed up my utorrent files from application data and imported them into utorrent on the fresh install (so i could still keep seeding) at first i thought "oh well I will sort out the downloaded torrents at a later stage" but I made this post because of the problem with new torrents I'm downloading.

Cheers for any advice

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