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Pls help [A socket Operation was attempted...]


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I use utorrent for more then 3 years now and i never had this kind of problem at least not for a long time. When i download torrents from TPB the tracker wont connect to more then one peer and stays at zero seeders. Demonoid tracker works fine i am having problem only with TPB trackers.

I use uTorrent v1.7.7 (Build 8179) as firewall i use Kaspersky Internet Security firewall but i have added uTorrent to exclusion list and it worked fine till now! I dont have router i have adsl line and the company with which i have internet they gave me only a modem Scientific Atlanta!

When i test if the port is forwarded fine i get the answer that the port is not forwarded correctly but this happened and before with the port but i never had problem with downloading and all trackers were fine i still can get more then 230 kbps with 2 mb line in demonoid but not in other trackers :(!

Hope i will get help here.

Thanks :)

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Hi, I am getting the same problem. The TPB tracker is not connecting and getting a '' socket opperation was attempted on a unreachable network'' error. All other trackers seem to be connecting.

I tried the test torrent on the open office site and it works fine...

Could it be they are blocking TPB in canada? or maybe my service provider is blocking it?

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